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School Council Update December 2017
Our responsible school councillors have been extremely organised this term, in planning and pulling off a super fundraising event! The children who came had a wonderful time, answering Christmas quiz questions and hunting for treasure at the end! Well done and a big thank you to the Year 6 volunteers who ran the event! Thank you too for all of your kind donations to our charity this year: Jimmy’s shelter.

School Council Update November 2017
Do you remember collecting all those helpful Sainsbury’s coupons last year? Well, now our new toys have arrived! School council loved organising the arrival of the toys and now our fantastic sports leaders are doing a super job of distributing the toys and will soon be leading lots of playground activities using them!

School Council Update September 2017
Our keen Year 6 School councillors: Jasmine, Sienna, Warwick and Logan have begun their planning meetings. Full of exciting ideas, they are forming a School Council Constitution, which will define lots of school council details for the coming year. They are very excited to develop their leadership skills as they take on additional responsibilities this year.
Watch this space for more details!


School Council Update August 2017
After carefully collecting and counting all 17,000 vouchers: School Council met again to decide what they would like to purchase. They felt that it would be helpful to have lots of new playtime equipment in the new school year. So, after splitting into three groups, the council browsed the voucher catalogue and have now selected and ordered some fantastic new equipment, which we hope will arrive soon! Look out for lots of playtime treats all over school from Nursery to Later Years, as there are all sorts of surprises making their way to our school!

Well done School Council for all your perseverance with a tricky job and thank you parents for all your Sainsbury’s shopping!

School Council Update July 2017
School Council have been busily counting all of the Sainsbury’s vouchers you have kindly collected for Queen Edith School! The children have calculated that there are about 16,000 vouchers! This is wonderful news and they are now working out what to spend the points on. Watch this space to find out their decision!


School Council update May 2017
School council have been working hard this half term being problem solvers. Working as a strong team, being led and ably assisted by a chair person and secretary, they first defined a problem, then considered different ways to solve it, then acted on their decision.
The problem was that the toilets in school are sometimes messy or smelly. They decided that the causes of this problem were a combination of people not flushing the toilet, sometimes the toilets being blocked and sometimes there being mess on the floor. After considering a number of solutions, including suggesting we pay someone to stand outside the toilets and remind everyone to tidy up(!), the council decided to make posters. They then made posters with handy rhymes to help remind their classmates to look after their school environment. 

Look out for the useful posters around school!




Our first group of school council representatives for 2016/2017 are nearing the end of their time in office. Today they spent some time reflecting on their experiences over the last term and a bit, remembering the role they played in collecting reports about what trips and visits our children enjoy and in working as a team to complete a charity project across the whole school!

We are very proud of the maturity all of our school council representatives have shown so far this year, so it is with a mixture of sadness that we wave goodbye to our old reps and excitement that we wave hello to our new ones!



School Council Charity Event

On behalf of the school council, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to every single person who donated to the shoe box appeal. We have managed to fill every single box that we had (and more) and are now ready to send them off on the next stage of their journey. Your generosity has helped to inspire our pupils and support other children all around the world. Thank you too, to our school council representatives and Miss Prior who, together, worked hard to advertise the project, collect up all of the donations and then to sort them out!

If you would like more information about where the shoeboxes will go next, please see the Rotary International website

Thank you!

Mrs Phillips





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