Class Councils

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 have weekly class council meetings during an assembly session. The purpose of these class councils is to involve the children more actively in their learning and in school decision making, as well as to develop their skills of speaking, listening, negotiation and citizenship.


The main aims of class councils are:

  • Community: pupils experience being part of a community in our classrooms, school and wider area, learning to respect people and places
  • Democracy: pupils have opportunities to give opinions about and make a difference to school life
  • Learning: pupils develop the ability to reflect on their learning and become more effective, more confident learners
  • Personal Development: pupils develop social & emotional understanding and speaking & listening skills
  • Responsibility: pupils learn to take responsibility for their actions and to solve problems for themselves

Each half term, class council meetings focus on a whole-school theme (e.g. Building Community, Learning to Learn, Becoming a Bully-Proof School). Teachers choose how to tackle that theme based on the age and needs of their class. They also give space to discuss issues of current interest or concern to the children. We hold termly class council sharing assemblies, where each class shares something they have been discussing in class council meetings that term.

See what we have been discussing recently by looking at the Class Council Sharing Assembly photos below.




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