Learning in Year 1

Habitat boxes 1.1 
We created clay animals based on the animals we have learned about this half-term. We then created a habitat box for the animal. We had to think carefully about where they were from.

Jungle collages
In year 1, we have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest. We created collages based on the work by Henri Rousseau. These were very colourful!

Paired reading Year 1 and Year 4
In Year 1 we have enjoyed reading with children from year 4 every Friday. This has motivated us to read!

We had a visitor who came in to teach us some singing techniques. She showed us the signs used for ‘Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do’ and taught us some songs in other languages.

Telling the time 
We have been learning to tell the time to the hour and half-past the hour. We created our own watches and clocks to remind us where the numbers go.

Weather reports
We have been learning about the weather in each season. We used this information to create our own weather report for countries in the UK. We were able to identify the 4 countries on the map.

Maths, halving
We have started Spring Maths with confidence and have been halving shapes this week. We really enjoyed watching Miss Barker half a pear and get very juicy fingers! We then created the outlines of shapes and found where to put a line to show half. We also cut out shapes and capital letters to find where (and if) we could half through by folding.

As the introduction to our ‘Around the World’ topic, Year 1 had a great fun geography day looking at maps and atlases. We enjoyed making map puzzles as well. It was great fun to find the countries where we have been on holiday or have family.

Christmas Cards
In year 1 we created pop up Christmas cards for someone special. We found it very tricky cutting and folding in the right places.

Ravenous Readers!
We spent an afternoon looking at different types of texts including: recipes, dictionaries and non-fiction books. We responded to these by trying to record some of what we had found out.


In literacy year 1 have been learning an oral story and have made puppets to act it out. They have now changed parts of the story so that it is their own. We have had really enjoyed doing this!


In science we have been thinking about seasonal change. We decided to go and look carefully at the frost. We have been coming up with lots of questions about frost and other wintery things.


In maths each week one of the activities is an active, hands on practical activity. Here are some photos to show the fun activities we have been doing.

In year 1, we have been measuring items using non-standard units. We used multilink cubes for this. We learned that all the cubes need to be the same size in order for it to be accurate.
Sock Puppets
We had a great time creating our lovely sock puppets.
Year one enjoyed their visit to the Raptor Foundation. We had a great day looking at birds of prey, reptiles, and meerkats. We learned all sorts of interesting information about owls to tie in with our literacy topic of ‘Plop- The owl who was afraid of the dark’. We watched the owls flying and had a chance to dissect their pellets to find out what they had eaten.

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