Learning in Year 3

Greek Day - Tuesday 11th October
Last week, Year 3 travelled back in time to Athens in the year 490 BC. In the morning we enjoyed a variety of activities, including making mosaics, crushing olives to make oil for candles, creating wax tablets, decorating tiles and putting together medicine bags filled with several herbs and spices to heal different illnesses. In the afternoon we tasted traditional Greek delicacies such as feta cheese, pitta bread, olives and honey cakes. We then watched each other perform a dance, sing a wonderful song and tell the mythical story of Pandora's Box. Here are some of the children's highlights:

Mia (3.1) - I liked carving the soap because it was quite challenging. I carved an 'A' for Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war.

Daniel N (3.1) - The best activity was the making the oil lamps because we got to crush the olives and squeeze the juice into the clay oil lamp.

Jasmine (3.2) - I enjoyed making the clay pots. At first the clay was really cold but then it got softer and I was able to use my thumbs to shape my pot. 

Theo (3.2) - I liked making the mosaics because it was so interesting! It was very complicated to put in all of the tiny tiles but I persevered and got there in the end.


We are now looking forward to sharing our creations with parents at our Greek Museum afternoon on Thursday 20th October.

Greek Temples
Year 3 have really enjoyed our Ancient Greek topic due to the many opportunities we have for D&T. After making Greek pots, we then got to make our own Greek temple out of corrugated card and a cereal box! We practised cutting, sticking, and accurate use of a ruler for measuring, while also learning about the importance of temples to the Greeks. Once we had completed our temples, we decorated them for our favourite Greek god or goddess.


After this, we went to the computer suite and did some 'free writing' about our Greek temples. Some of us wrote instructions on how to make a Greek temple and others wrote a letter recounting the activity.

Virtual Greek Museum
Year 3 have been creating their own virtual Greek museum using Scratch. We have learnt to import pictures, edit backgrounds and programme sprites to move and talk. We have loved going to the computer suite and working with a partner!

Greek pots
Year 3 had lots of fun creating their own Greek style clay pot in D&T. Before starting, we spent some time observing different Greek pots and looked at their shapes and designs. We noticed that lots of pots had carefully drawn geometric patterns and were similar in colour. After this, we designed our own in our sketch books and thought carefully about what colours we wanted to use.
We were then able to get stuck in with our clay and make our own pot. All of our pots are totally different and look fantastic! Here are some pictures of the activity:

Shadow Puppets
This half term, our science topic is Light and Dark. We have been learning about different sources of light (artificial and natural) and how shadows are formed. We know that a shadow is made when light is blocked by an object that is opaque. We discussed what a suitable material for making shadow puppets would be, and then created them using card. Using the interactive white board, we got to create our own puppet shows! This helped us to see patterns that determine the size of shadows, for example, a shadow is bigger when an object is close to the light source, and a shadow is smaller when the object is moved further away.

Gymnastics - Curling and Stretching
In Gymnastics we have been exploring a variety of curled and stretched shapes. After refreshing our knowledge of the different gym shapes we learned in Year 2 (e.g. straddle, tuck and pike), we worked in small groups to produce a sequence. We all watched each others carefully and commented on what we liked. We are looking forward to creating more developed sequences, which include balances and rolls, in the coming weeks.

Author Visit
Years 3 and 4 were delighted to meet author Gillian Overitt in a special assembly. Gillian read a chapter from Max’s Magical Dream and talked about how she planned the characters for her books. The children asked lots of interesting questions about how, when and where Gillian wrote her books, as well as the illustrations and how a book is put together when it is published.

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