Learning in Year 3



The sun has been shining and Year 3 seized the opportunity to have a rounders tournament outside! All four houses played against each other and had a super time practising their battling, bowling and fielding skills. All the children worked really well in their teams and showed great sportsmanship. We are looking forward to more outdoor P.E sessions after half term! 


Cave Art
In Art we have been experimenting with painting with our fingers as well as sticks and leaves like people from the Stone Age. We turned our classroom into a cave and painted cave paintings of animals or people gathering food. 


Winding Mechanisms
Year 3 had lots of fun in D&T making their own winding mechanism for a pirate ship. The winding mechanism needed to function as an anchor. We thought about the different parts we would need and then made them. We got to practise our sawing skills and showed lots of perseverance when the PVA glue wouldn't stick our wood together! All of us were successful and really enjoyed the whole making process.



Rocks and Soil
This half term Year 3 are learning about the characteristics of different rocks and soil. So far we have learnt that there are three types of rock (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous). We began our topic by looking carefully at a selection of rocks and then described their properties (e.g. colour, texture and particles). We also thought about how different rocks have different purposes, for example, marble is often used to make statues. 



Rock Monsters
Year 3 had lots of fun making their own rock monsters! We then used this experience to write a set of instructions so that other people could have a go at making their own. Everyone was delighted to take their monster home at then end of the week. Here are some of our creative creations!




Wandlebury - 28.4.17
Our new topic this half term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age. After learning some facts about the Stone Age, Year 3 went on a special trip to Wandlebury Country Park. We found out that this site is an old Iron Age fort and that the Iron Age came after the Stone Age. During our time here we got to make delicious bread over an open fire, have a go at using slingshots and weave hazel wood to replicate the wattle walls of an Iron Age round house. Take a look at our pictures which show the enjoyment of our day!



As our Middle Years production get closer and closer, we have been busy with rehearsals. All of the children are feeling really proud of themselves as they have learnt their lines and no longer need a script on stage. We are working on perfecting expression, as well as choreographing dance routines to the catchy songs! Everyone is excited for the performances on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th March.



Science Day - 14.03.17
Year 3 had a great time being scientists for the day! We enjoyed a variety of different science-based activities, with many of us declaring, "best day ever!".
We were introduced to cells and DNA, learnt some basic first aid and how to resuscitate, thought carefully about conductors and insulators, and even got to imagine we were students at Hogwarts by mixing potions and being amazed by dry ice!



World Book Day - 02.03.17
To celebrate World Book Day, Year 3 took part in a sponsored silent read! We brought in our favourite books from home and chose some from our class bookshelves, and then stacked them up on our desks. We were challenged to read for 60 minutes and did so with great success! All of the children were delighted with their achievement and took home a certificate at the end of the day.



Pirate Day!
Ahoy me hearties! On Tuesday 28th February, Year 3 enjoyed a swashbuckling Pirate Day. We got into character by dressing up in pirate clothes, using pirate phrases, singing sea shanties and playing games to learn about the parts of a ship. Having looked at some real pirate articles, we came up with the rules for our own ship. We also practised using compasses to give directions and carefully followed a map to the treasure. Shiver me timbers! 




BIPS Day - Tuesday 7th February
To end our exciting BIPS topic, Year 3 enjoyed a special experience day full of activities! We arrived at school in our costumes and were excited to learn that we were going to be in the large hall for a carousel of activities. These included making flower garlands and animal masks, painting Indian miniatures, cooking chapattis, creating detailed Henna patterns on hands and using mirrors to help us make symmetrical Rangoli patterns.
While we were working, traditional Indian music was playing and we also had an area for playing chess and a book corner with both fiction and non-fiction books. In the afternoon we practised our dancing skills by learning a Bollywood dance and ate some traditional food without using cutlery – we just used the chapattis we had made in the morning to scoop up our curry.
Thank you to the parents who came in to support and help our day! We loved it!




Amazing Animals - Science
Year 3 have enjoyed learning all about the skeleton and its functions in their 'Amazing Animals' topic. We learnt the names of different bones in the body and then pieced them together. Have a look at our pictures which show our completed human skeletons!




Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
This half term Year 3 are studying the geographical differences between four countries in South Asia (BIPS). To begin this topic, we explored different resources, including spices, traditional jewellery and costumes, and statues of Hindu gods. This helped us to really get a feel for the culture in these countries.



In science, Year 3 have been learning all about Forces and Magnets. We discovered that magnets have two poles and that these can attract or repel each depending on which poles are facing each other. We looked at magnets that appeared to be floating and then used two bar magnets to investigate what it feels and looks like when magnets repel or attract. We worked out the mystery of the floating magnets; the same poles were repelling each other! Afterwards, we enjoyed making our own flying paper clips. We found out that a magnetic force can make an object move without the magnet actually touching the object.




Come to France!
Year 3 had lots of fun writing a persuasive radio advert encouraging people to book a holiday to France. As we know lots of interesting facts about France, we were able to write about famous landmarks, delicious French delicacies, Disneyland Paris, and much more! We then got to record our radio adverts in groups. Listen out for our persuasive sentence openers!


Group 1 Advert     Group 2 Advert    Group 3 Advert    Group 4 Advert    Group 5 Advert    Group 6 Advert


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