Geography helps pupils to understand the complexity of the world around them, the processes that affect change, the diversity of societies and environments, as well as their own identity within their world and the challenges of their time.

Within Geography at Queens’ Federation we aim to:

  • Provide children with geographical experiences which are both valid and stimulating.
  • Encourage a lively and inquisitive approach to geography, which will enable children to enjoy their learning.
  • Enable children to understand how they themselves fit into and can impact both their local and global environments.

Yearly Overview

We link Geography to our topics, where possible. The tables below show which topic is covered in each half term, as well as well as a few examples of the writing the children may do. In Reception, the topics change depending on the children’s interest, so we are unable to display the topics for each half-term. However, to give you a flavour, previous topics have included both bridges and maps!

 To see what Reception are currently learning please go to our Reception page. 


Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Key Stage 1

Year 1


Habitats: Sunny the Meerkat

Habitats, locational language, compass and directions

Growing things: Bill and Ben the flowerpot men
Fieldwork skills, nature hunt

Year 2

The high street: Locational Geography, using aerial photographs and plan perspectives to recognise landmarks and basic physical features; devise a simple map and use and construct basic symbols in a key


Around the World (Africa, America and Australia)
Continents, countries, oceans, distant localities, geographical vocabulary dictionary, ask geographical questions, describing what places are like in terms of landscape, jobs, weather

Middle Years


Year 3

France: Comparing France and the UK and asking why there are differences, using geographical language to describe places and their features

BIPS: Exploring a desert region of Rajasthan, explaining why people might want to visit the city of Jodhpur, comparing two regions of India, comparing a city in England and India, exploring the diversity of life in Bangladesh and Pakistan


Year 4

Explorers: Identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic circle, the Prime/Greenwich Meridian, time zones and how these have been discovered/explored


Changes: Ask and answer questions about how and why places change, compare places and ask why there are differences, think through how to have a positive impact on a different place,

Later Years

Year 5

Ancient Egypt: Locate

Mountains and rivers: Water cycle, use of rivers for irrigation, trade etc, water conflict, wise use of water

Arriving in Africa: Locality: Sierra Leone (Town Planning), comparison of local area with Moyamba, economic diversity of Africa, using digital/satellite maps

Mini Enterprise: Recycle, reuse, reduce


Year 6


Fair trade: Understand different people’s views on what is important, understand human rights, explore opinions about key issues and consider sustainable development.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes: Describe and understand key aspects of physical geography

The geography curriculum as outlined above is often taught in a cross-curricular way. For example the Explorers topic in year 4 will make meaningful links to other areas of the curriculum, such as history, literacy and Science. 

Examples of Work

Key Stage 1

Year 1: 
Anansi and the moss
covered rock               

The Kalahari Desert The Himalayas
Year 2: 
Life in Sierra Leone 
  Geographical dictionary

Middle Years 

Year 3:
Comparing France
and Britain

Life in the desert Travelling to India
Year 4: 
United Kingdom regional

Locating towns and cities in the
        United Kingdom


Later Years 

Year 5:
Identifying Biomes

Locating countries and mountain ranges

Information for Parents  

For more information about our approach to the teaching of Geography within the federation please see the Geography policy.

Photos of Learning 

For examples of work linked to our current learning, please visit the pages below. 

Key Stage 1 

Middle Years 

Later Years



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