Homework refers to any task or activity which children are asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own or with the support of parents or carers. At Queen Edith school, we believe that undertaking regular homework is an important part of a child’s education. We are committed to helping all children, and their families, to establish positive homework routines that will support their present learning and develop successful habits for later life.


Homework tasks are carefully planned across the school and we recognise that the nature and the purpose of homework changes as the children become older. In Early Years Foundation Stage the school seeks to establish and develop a partnership with parents and carers by involving them actively in their children’s learning.  As children get older, homework tasks increasingly provide more opportunities for the development of the skills of independent learning.

In Early Years Foundation Stage this may include sending home your child’s reading book or a book to share.  As children progress through the school, daily reading, spellings, written tasks, number activities and tables will be sent home and small tasks which may involve the whole family in the term’s topic may be set.

When the children reach the Later Years, as well as daily reading, learning spellings and completing maths tasks, they are required to complete longer pieces of written work including topic projects.  We believe this is essential preparation for secondary school, where there is an expectation that children can organise their time and apply themselves to tasks most evenings.  Any material which is sent home to support children will be the responsibility of the parents and must be returned within the agreed period.

Every holiday an optional homework will be set across the school, so that whole families can do it together or individual children can take up the challenge. You have the flexibility to do whichever ones suit you throughout the year. Children are rewarded for taking part in these activities and the best ones win a prize.

Examples of optional homework.

To view our policies page where our Homework policy can be found please click here.


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