At Queen Edith we recognise the importance of Computing and understand the influence technology has in their current lives and will continue to have in the future. We aim to teach the children to be safe, confident and creative in their approach to computing.  The National Curriculum states ‘a high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design and technology, and provides insights into both natural and artificial systems.’

Yearly Overview

The table below outlines the areas of the curriculum and when they will be taught. 





Foundation Stage

By the end of the Foundation Stage, the curriculum states children should ‘recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They select and use technology for particular purposes.’ We give children opportunities to explore technology in fun and purposeful ways. 

Year 1 

Logging on/off, keyboard skills.

Introduction to ‘Scratch’ – creating a moving sprite. Introduction to animation.

Using the internet for different purposes.
Internet safety.

Year 2

Traditional story retelling, using coding software, “Scratch”

Coding software, “Scratch” – modelling Great Fire of London and the adventures of Shackleton

Internet research and presentation on the Body Topic

Coding software, “Scratch”  – modelling minibeasts and their habitats

Introduction to ‘Makewaves’ learning platform

Year 3

Modelling and coding a virtual Greek Museum in “Scratch”.

Completing internet safety scheme: “SAFE Level 1” through “Makewaves” learning platform.  

Internet research and presentation for “BIPs” topic.

Creating a “Photostory” for “Pirate” topic, combing pictures, text and sound.

Create and review content on “Makewaves” learning platform.  
Modelling and coding a virtual garden in “Scratch”.

Year 4

Completing internet safety scheme: “SAFE Level 2” through “Makewaves” learning platform.  

Modelling and coding a virtual Anglo-Saxon village in “Scratch”.

Coding – Course 2.

Create and review content on “Makewaves” learning platform.

Creating a “Photostory” for a Prince’s Quest.

Composing using samples and loops in a music sequencer.

Year 5

Revisit internet safety scheme: “SAFE Level 2” through “Makewaves” learning platform.  

Create a tourist information leaflet in publisher.

Compose and explore sounds using wave editing software, “Audacity”.

Create an advert, combining pictures, sound and text.

Coding – Course 3.

Create and review content on “Makewaves” learning platform.

Year 6

Coding – Course 4.

Coding own “fairground” games using Scratch


Create own “Choose Your Own Adventure” in Powerpoint.

Create and review content on “Makewaves” learning platform.

Create video in “Muvizu” and other video editors to upload and review on “Makewaves” learning platform.


Later Years E-Safety Parent Guide

Following our successful E-Safety session with ‘the 2 Johns’ and Safer Internet Day (14.2.17), we have written a guide for parents who are unsure about apps and the internet.  Please do read through this with your children. Please click here to see the guide.

KS2 Code Club

The first official CodeClub started this week at Queen Edith.  All members were smiling from ear to ear – thoroughly enjoying the tasks set before them by the volunteers from ARM.  We look forward to more activities next week.

Computing with Scratch

In Computing this term, Year 3 have been exploring Scratch, where they have been able to design and write a program to control a number of created sprites.  They have been solving problems when they have seen errors in their own programs and learning about algorithms.

Next week we are moving on to create virtual Greek Museums, presenting our own work from Art and DT lessons digitally on our computers.  Using sequence, selection and repetition in the programming we will make sure that our step by step set of operations work well and that our Museums have lots of information to share!


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