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Spring and Easter at Nursery
Children in nursery have been enjoying learning about spring and Easter.
We have drawn pictures of our families, made mother’s day cards, cakes and seed sticks and enjoyed singing a new song to mummies at our celebrations.
Children have been using thin brushes to decorate egg pictures and we also had fun mixing shaving foam and food colouring and using brushes to make marks with the mixture.
We went on a spring walk in the school field to look and listen for signs of spring and made flowers and blossom using sticks we had collected. 
We also enjoyed using magnifying glasses in our garden to look carefully at the worms in the soil.
Our learning concluded with an Easter egg hunt in the garden when children looked for eggs that matched numbers and shapes.



Number Hunt


We challenge you to a number hunt this Easter! Click here to find out more.


Dinosaur Counting
Our new children have been enjoying counting in the garden with the dinosaurs.



Chinese New Year

Nursery children have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week. Some of the children joined with the Reception classes to enjoy a range of activities in a different setting with some new friends.

We have been making banners and decorations, learning some facts about how children celebrate the New Year and playing a lucky money counting and numbers game. Children have learned about lucky numbers and colours, listened to stories and explored shapes to make their own dragons.

The children were very interested in the photos of a dragon dance and we decided to make our own dragon head. We were busy learning the words to a dragon dance song and then during our hall time we played instruments, waved red and gold ribbons and did a dragon dance together.




Well done!   

Children in Nursery and Reception took part in a physical activity and literacy time in our school hall today.

Children took part in races and were cheered on by their friends who chanted words they had learnt from the Gingerbread Man story.

Both classes then sat together and shared gingerbread people that had been made by the Nursery children.

At home you could ask your child what race they took part in, what they shouted out to their friends and whether they chose to eat a gingerbread man or a gingerbread lady! 

Autumn 2016
This week we have decorated our Courtyard in a Christmas and winter theme.  Children have been putting on hats and coats and visiting the area in groups. They have loved looking at the fairy lights and hanging snowflakes and bells. They sat on blankets and enjoyed sharing songs, poems, stories and information books in this special space.

Children in Nursery have enjoyed learning about Christmas. They have been making and writing cards, making decorations and playing with small world toys in our salt “snow”. The children have also been enjoying stories and poems and dressing up in our Christmas role play area. They had their own tree to decorate and have been playing Christmas lotto together.

We welcomed families into Nursery for our Christmas celebration when the children performed songs and poems and shared the Christmas biscuits they had made.

We have enjoyed spending time in the courtyard area this week which has been decorated in a Christmas and winter theme. Children enjoyed listening to stories in this special setting.

Little Red Hen
This half term the children in Nursery have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen.

They became very good at telling the story with actions and used the story map to help them to remember the details. Children used props to re-tell the story and enjoyed listening to different versions in story books. They enjoyed painting pictures of farm animals and sorting animals, including making some repeating patterns.

We all enjoyed making bread rolls and took the recipe home to try baking them again with families.


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