At Queen Edith we understand the importance of exposing children to a wide variety of musical experiences. We believe music in school should engage and inspire children to develop a love of music as well as increase their self-confidence, creativity and a provide a sense of achievement.  Every child has the opportunity to learn the recorder, and in Year 6 the children start learning the ukulele. As well as learning to play an instrument, the children will learn to sing and use their voices – through class singing, music assemblies and Christmas concerts / productions.  They will also listen to a wide range of music and discuss who composed it, which period of history it comes from and what this context could mean. Children also have the opportunity to create their own music, developing an understanding of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations. Performance opportunities are provided in assemblies and concerts throughout the year.

Yearly Overview

In the Foundation Stage we encourage children to develop an interest in music as part of ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. Opportunities to explore sounds and instruments are available both in the classrooms and outdoor areas, so that children can experiment and have fun with music either with adults or as part of their play. We sing together every day. A wide variety of different kinds of music are provided for children to listen to and talk about – we welcome in parents to come in and share their musical skills with us!


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 1

Long and short sounds

Pitch and pulse


Year 2

Timbre, tempo, dynamics

Rhythm, playing glockenspiel.

Exploring sounds, listening and understanding.

Year 3


Rhythms and recorders

Composition and recorders

Year 4

Descriptive sounds, listening and understanding.

Rhythmic patterns, composing raps.

Melodies and scales, recorders.

Year 5

Egyptian music, glockenspiels

African drumming, recorders.

Listening and understanding music.

Year 6

Reading music, playing glockenspiels, recorders and ukuleles.

Composition and rhythm (inc. djembes), ukuleles

Tuned instruments – ukulele, notation.


Extra-curricular opportunities

Middle Years Choir is for children in Years 3 and 4 and is run by Miss Mcilveen on Monday lunchtimes. Absolutely everybody is welcome – no singing experience required!

Later Years Choir is for children in Years 5 and 6. It takes places on Thursday lunchtimes and is run by Miss Barker and Miss Strappelli. Later Years Choir have lots of performance opportunities in and outside of school. Everyone is welcome to come along and sing. The two KS2 choirs will sometimes join forces for extra special performances, such as at Christmas.

Some of our later years musicians were part of the musical accompaniment to their fantastic production. All of later years sang beautifully with great harmonies.
Well done later years for all your hard work!  

Assemblies in KS1 Some of our budding musicians in KS1 have started to perform for us on our way into and out of singing assemblies. This is a great opportunity for us to hear different instruments and a good opportunity for the musicians to learn to perform. Thank you so much for the children who have performed for us.


Thank you again to all of the KS2 musicians who have played for us, on the way into and out of assembly. We have enjoyed listening to individual instruments and also ‘Twilight band’ this term. Thank you to: Karl, Katie, Yinghao, Elli, Lukas, Ryan, Natalia, Dion, Hanli, Rishi, Noe, Twilight band, Luc and Alex.




Singing Assembly In a singing assembly recently we enjoyed learning about a number of different instruments. A parent came in and played the instruments to us. He explained how they worked and what they are made of. The favourite instrument seemed to be the bongos!






Thank you to Miss Shearer and the choir for a magical evening of entertainment at West Road Concert Hall. The children sang some delightful songs and then performed extracts from Carmen with professional singers and three other school choirs. A treat fro us all.




Year 5 Egyptian Music
To round off our Ancient Egyptian topic, 5.1 composed a musical cheer for their God of choice.  The children worked in groups and used different pitch, tone and rhythm to perform to the rest of the class.  We saw the rise of Anubis, a rap about the ultimate God, Ra and the destruction of those who didn't fall to their knees to worship him!  A very entertaining afternoon!




Middle Years

 ‘Year 3 learning bus music 1-5’      

“When the Cambridge Learning Bus came to visit Queen Edith Year 3 enjoyed making South American musical instruments from junk! The instruments we made had to make more than one sound.  We had a great time playing our percussive instruments in our music lessons and strummed, beat, shook and scraped our new instruments together to create our own composition.  Look at the photos to see how much fun we had!”


 Later Years‘Year 6 concert 1-3’
“Year 6 performing a selection of pieces on ukuleles, recorders and glockenspiels. “




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