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Partnership with Parents

We are keen for parents to support the children's learning at home as much as possible. To help you do this, we produce a termly information sheet, outlining our main topics and giving suggestions for how you might follow them up at home:

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Activity Days
Children in nursery enjoyed welcoming families into the nursery garden to enjoy our Activity Days. They enjoyed practising the activities and then leading the adults. We talked together about healthy eating and keeping healthy. The children made fruity flapjacks and enjoyed sharing them at the end of the session.

Thank you very much to all the parents and family members who came to join us. We all had a really great time and it was wonderful to spend time together.


Mothers Day
On the week of March 5th, we invited Mummies into nursery for our special celebration. Children gave their Mummies a special card and a cake they had made and decorated. We also sang a Mother’s Day song. Thank you to all our parents for supporting this event.


Owl Babies
Our story this half term is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. Some of the activities children have enjoyed were making an owl themed card for Mother’s Day and mixing paints to make brown. They have painted some beautiful owl pictures for our display and have really enjoyed learning new facts about owls.


Chinese New Year
Children in nursery have enjoyed learning about celebrations this term. They enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and we welcomed one of our parents who talked about celebrating Chinese New Year at home. Children listened to a song in Chinese and joined in with some of the words. They also enjoyed sharing vegetable dumplings together.

Children also took a turn to try eating with chopsticks and ate noodles. They made lanterns and banners and re-told the story of Chinese New Year with props.


The Train Ride
Children in nursery have continued to enjoy learning focused on ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin.

We made a story map together and children referred to this and became confident to recite some familiar parts of the story.

They worked together to paint train carriages for a role play train and enjoyed imaginary play centred on the train theme.

We made sandwiches to eat on a train journey, wrote our name or destination on train tickets and made flags and model trains. We used 2D and 3D shapes to make models and pictures of trains and used pens and strips of paper to make tracks for the trains.

The theme introduced a wide range of new vocabulary for the children and they enjoyed the rhythm of joining in with the story’s refrain. We made lighthouse models and children brought photos of their families from home to show their friends. We also enjoyed train games in our PE sessions and used numbered platforms as part of our play.

We were very pleased to welcome Mr Dama to nursery who came and talked about his job on the trains and showed the children the equipment he uses. We also enjoyed a session exploring the train in the KS1 playground and singing our new train songs together.


The children in Nursery are interested in rainbows. We decided to spend the first two weeks of this half term learning more about rainbows, colours and the weather.
Children enjoyed listening to the Rainbow Fish story and this led to discussion about being kind and sharing. They were also interested in painting crepe paper strips to make their own rainbow pictures and lots of children chose to draw and paint rainbows for our display.
We made a rainbow fruit salad with colourful fruit, we learned weather facts and we enjoyed colour games with the parachute.



The Train Ride
This half term our learning is inspired by the book, The Train Ride by June Crebbin.
The children have really enjoyed the first week of their learning. We introduced the story by noticing that a suitcase had mysteriously appeared in our nursery! When we looked inside, we discovered it was owned by a girl who was going to the seaside on a train journey. The children loved using the clues inside the case and then really enjoyed listening to the story.
They have painted boxes to make a train and enjoyed role play trains and stations. We have started a display on The Train Ride and the children will continue to add their work to this as the term  continues.




Children in Nursery have been enjoying the autumn season.  We have been on an autumn walk in the field and enjoyed collecting leaves in different colours. We then used the leaves to make beautiful leaf prints for our display.
We also enjoyed welcoming parents and carers into nursery for our Books and Biscuits sessions. Children shared books and enjoyed re-telling our story of the half term “Dear Zoo”. We then shared the biscuits we had made together



Settling In
Children in Nursery have been settling in and exploring all our areas of learning.
They have been making models, painting, threading numbers and making patterns with shapes. They have enjoyed being outside in our Nursery garden and have been playing with the mud kitchen and enjoying our digging area. There is always much excitement when a worm or a snail is discovered! The children have also enjoyed our new wobbly bridge and our climbing areas. Role play has been popular and children have enjoyed using their own experiences to enhance their play.
The children have already started to make new friends and are becoming familiar with our routines including staying for lunch. We are really pleased with the way the children all feel so happy and settled with the new experiences and look forward to watching their learning grow.


Maths Day 2017
The Nursery children had a great time on maths day exploring a range of maths activities! Children enjoyed counting, number recognition, shapes and using mathematical language in lots of exciting activities such as hook a duck, number songs, Crispin the counting crow and digging for dinosaur bones! Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support the children looked wonderful in their maths inspired outfits which helped to make the day even more special.


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