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On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 1, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 1 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 1 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children's work.
Many of our lessons have an element of hands on learning. We are always on the playground at the end of the day so please do come and talk to us if you have an queries or concerns. 

Miss Lewis and Mrs Phillips

Topic Overviews


Numicon Maths

This week we have been learning the meaning of the words ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’. Today we used number shapes to help us decide which number had the greatest value.

“14 is bigger than 13” – Maria

“57 is greater than 54” Arya and Chaanu

35 is more than 26” – Joshua

“60 is more than 19” – Harry

Olivia even counted in twos using her numicon!


Painting the Forest Floor
As part of our learning about Plop the Owl, Year 1 imagined what it would feel like when Plop fell out of his tree. Then we painted the forest floor, thinking about the colours, shapes and textures of leaves,


Today Year 1 had lots of fun creating story maps for our newly invented stories. We  have run away dogs, slithering snakes and leaping frogs going on all sorts of adventures! Our quiet critters helped us to concentrate and work quietly. We are very excited about writing our stories tomorrow!


Science investigation
We described different materials by talking about what we could see and feel. Then we searched for objects around our classroom which matched the labels.


Year 1 Sunshine time
1.2 have been working so hard that they earnt 10 sun shines! That means sunshine time! So today we used lots of equipment in the hall and then had a fabulous time practising our balance and jumping skills and working with our friends.




KS1 Sports Day
The Children thoroughly enjoyed their sports day. Everyone ran, jumped and balanced really well. 


Art Gallery
On Thursday 13th July, Year one invited their parents to come in and see their amazing art work they had created. The children explained how they created their underwater pictures and then showed these to the audience. They then enjoyed sharing some seaside songs they have been learning.


Beach Day
In  Year 1, we had a beach day at Queen Emma with the Year 1 children there. This was a fantastic start to our topic this half term of ‘Under the Sea’.  Throughout the morning, we took part in a range of activities such as playing beach volleyball, reading and creating our own beach poems, making our own sunglasses and visors, and creating flower necklaces to wear. We enjoyed meeting the Queen Emma classes and carrying out the activities with them.  


Under The Sea
In Year one, we designed and created our own printing pictures. First, we drew an ‘Under the Sea’ picture which links to our current topic this half term. We chose 2 or 3 different sea creatures and ensured that we drew them carefully using simple lines. We then drew our design onto polystyrene boards using a felt tip pen. Once we had done this, we used a pencil to etch in the lines. We made sure that we pressed down fairly hard in order for the lines to be deep enough. The next step was putting paint onto the boards. We used a roller and printing ink to evenly spread the paint on the polystyrene. Then, we pressed our boards onto paper to create the print. We really enjoyed doing this! 


In Year 1 we are working hard to find out how to solve missing number problems. We have started by looking at number fact families and how we can tell if a number sentence makes sense or not. We have also started to create diagrams to help us solve these problems called ‘bar models’ or ‘part, part, whole’ diagrams.


We have been learning about place value. To help us understand this better, we played a game to create two digit numbers using a dice. The aim of the game was to see who could make the number with the greatest value. We had to think carefully about where we wanted to put the first digit we rolled on the dice, otherwise we would make it easy for our partner to win!




Bossy verbs
In literacy we have been learning about how to write instructions using bossy verbs. These are verbs that come at the start of the sentence to give an instruction. “Put your homework in the tray.”



In year one, we created a science experiment in order to see which items would help a seed grow best. Some of us used soil but watered the plant with a range of different liquids including vinegar, squash, lemonade coffee, tea and shower gel. The rest of us, changed the soil and used either powder paint, sugar, coffee, cocoa powder or flour. However, we watered our plants using water as normal. We kept a seed diary in order to monitor which seed was growing the best. We found that the seed that was planted in soil and watered with water did grow the best!



Senses Poems
In year 1, we have been thinking about our senses. We went into the courtyard and thought about what we could see, hear, feel and smell. We created a word bank with different senses that we collected. We then used these to create a poem.


Impressionist art in the style of Monet 
In year 1, we have been thinking about impressionist art. We look at examples of this by Claude Monet. We then created our own pictures. We went onto the  field and started off by drawing outlines of what we could see such as the trees and plants. We then used our fingers to paint this. We learned that the most important things about impressionist art are the colours and the shapes.


African Drumming: In 1.1, we enjoyed learning about rhythm and pulse in music. We used African drums to play a range of different rhythms. We used animal names such as ‘Polar bear’ and ‘Caterpillar’ as our rhythm. We played these repeatedly in unison. We learned how to play the drums correctly using our fingers rather than our palms.


Bar model maths: In maths, we have been representing addition and subtraction using a ‘bar model’. We began by creating the model physically using multi-link cubes. We then drew the bar model which shows two numbers joining together to create a larger total.


Beebots: In computing, we have been learning to programme ‘Bee-bots’ by entering an algorithm which gives it instructions on which way to move. We learned that we need to ensure our instructions are in the correct order and are accurate in order for the Bee-bot to end up at the correct destination.


Explorer day: In year 1, our topic this half term has been ‘Around the World’. Consequently, we invited Reception to take part in our ‘Explorer Day’ where we could teach them everything we have learned about different places around the world. The children in year 1 created all the resources themselves and were in charge of all the activities on the day.

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