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On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 1, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 1 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 1 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children's work.
Many of our lessons have an element of hands on learning. We are always on the playground at the end of the day so please do come and talk to us if you have an queries or concerns. 

Miss Lewis and Mrs Phillips

Topic Overviews


We loved exploring our school grounds to identify different varieties of trees. We were very careful to examine the shape of leaves. We discovered that some trees are evergreen and they keep their leaves all year. These leaves are usually waxy and pointed. We noticed that deciduous trees often have wider, flatter leaves.
Additionally, we counted the rings in a log, to discover how old the tree was.
Pollen Art
We discovered that tiny pollen grains landing on flowers is part of how new plants are made.Pollen is very tiny, but looks amazing under a microscope. We were inspired to use our fine motor skills to model clay into lots of funny shapes; we made lots of giant pollen sculptures!
We love celebrating perseverence in Year 1. Last week, this young lady showed amazing perseverence when she decided to measure the weight of her bottle using cubes. It was much heavier than she predicted, but she patiently counted the cubes, choosing to count in groups of 10 to make it easier! Eventually, she discovered her bottle weighed 106 cubes!

Dragon Hunting
We are really enjoying the book 'Tell Me Dragon' by Jackie Morris.
Today we hunted for clues to show us where the dragons might be hiding around school! We found all sorts of evidence, including scratch marks from the dragon's sharp claws. We also spotted holes where he might have been digging and some strange dark marks which could be burns from his fiery breath!
We also acted out the story of George and the Dragon!

What clues can you spot around your house?


Building Castles
We have really enjoyed working in teams this week to build Mott and Baily castles! So far we have built the Mott out of newspaper, painted it green like the grass and decorated a Keep for the top. Next week we will build the Baily!


Sunny Goes Missing!
Today Sunny, our friendly Meerkat, went missing! He was stolen by a terrible jackal! We worked together to find clues to explain what had happened! He left a ransom note and demanded that we find him a new home! As a group, we decided that we should write some wanted posters and letters back to the Jackal. We thought we should show him how to be a good friend to Sunny, instead of being unfriendly.

After lunch, Sunny miraculously reappeared in our classroom, with a letter from the Jackal which said sorry and thank you for teaching him how to be a kind friend! We finished the day by building a new house for the jackal.


We love reading in Year 1, especially in our big, purple chair!


Aerial Perspective
We have loved our geography topic where we ‘travelled’ all over the world and used maps, globes and atlases to help us explore different countries and continents. We finished our journeying by exploring aerial perspective. We travelled around the classroom, imagining we were birds and drawing different objects from an aerial perspective.

Sunny The Meerkat
Year 1 have really enjoyed travelling all over the world with Sunny the Meerkat this half term. We have learnt the names of all of the continents and major oceans and explored lots of different types of maps. We made journey lines and planned Sunny’s holidays all over the globe!

Christmas Performance
The KS1 children had a great time performing ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ to the rest of the school and parents.  They worked very hard to learn their lines, songs and dances and gave a wonderful performance.  It was enjoyed by all who came to see it! 


Toy Museum
We have built a toy museum and explored all sorts of old toys. We explored the museum with our partners and asked them lots of tricky questions like “what material is it made from?” and “do you think the person who played with this was rich or poor? Why?” We had lots of ideas and loved explaining our thoughts to our friends.




Inventing Toys
Year 1 had a super time inventing their own toys: Harry created Woody and persevered very hard to add more and more details! Maria built Santa and used a split pin to help his beard wobble!




Raptor trip
Year 1 enjoyed our visit to the Raptor Foundation! After learning all about Plop the Owl, Year 1 were so excited to see the birds of prey! We watched them in a fantastic flying show and had the chance to dissect owl pellets to discover what they had eaten. We had researched what different species of owl eat - so this was very exciting! We were also artists for the day and used our observational drawing techniques that we had practised in class.


Traction Man
As part of our Traction Man topic, Year 1 are reading Traction Man is Here. We’ve had a fantastic time today, exploring the Sink and searching for the Wreck of the Sieve! We got our hands mucky as we squeezed the Poison Dishcloth and strangled Scrubbing Brush with Spaghetti Monsters! We explored capital letters and realised they are often used for special places, people and things, we even called them by their real name: proper nouns!


Sunshine time
1.1 have been fantastic and have earnt their sunshine time! This included reading, colouring, sculpting with play-dough, origami and even making astronaut helmets in our make-it area! Great work Year 1!


Pinecone Owls
To finish off our topic of ‘Plop the Owl’, Year 1 made owls out of pinecones. This called for lots of perseverance as it involved sticking many small parts to a tricky pinecone, but 1.1 helped each other and worked really well together!


In Art, Year 1 have been persevering with their drawing skills. They have been focussing on drawing any lines and patterns that they could see in different wooden objects. 1.1 showed amazing focus and produced some lovely observational drawings!


Numicon Maths

This week we have been learning the meaning of the words ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’. Today we used number shapes to help us decide which number had the greatest value.

“14 is bigger than 13” – Maria

“57 is greater than 54” Arya and Chaanu

35 is more than 26” – Joshua

“60 is more than 19” – Harry

Olivia even counted in twos using her numicon!


Painting the Forest Floor
As part of our learning about Plop the Owl, Year 1 imagined what it would feel like when Plop fell out of his tree. Then we painted the forest floor, thinking about the colours, shapes and textures of leaves,


Today Year 1 had lots of fun creating story maps for our newly invented stories. We  have run away dogs, slithering snakes and leaping frogs going on all sorts of adventures! Our quiet critters helped us to concentrate and work quietly. We are very excited about writing our stories tomorrow!


Science investigation
We described different materials by talking about what we could see and feel. Then we searched for objects around our classroom which matched the labels.


Year 1 Sunshine time
1.2 have been working so hard that they earnt 10 sun shines! That means sunshine time! So today we used lots of equipment in the hall and then had a fabulous time practising our balance and jumping skills and working with our friends.




KS1 Sports Day
The Children thoroughly enjoyed their sports day. Everyone ran, jumped and balanced really well. 


Art Gallery
On Thursday 13th July, Year one invited their parents to come in and see their amazing art work they had created. The children explained how they created their underwater pictures and then showed these to the audience. They then enjoyed sharing some seaside songs they have been learning.


Beach Day
In  Year 1, we had a beach day at Queen Emma with the Year 1 children there. This was a fantastic start to our topic this half term of ‘Under the Sea’.  Throughout the morning, we took part in a range of activities such as playing beach volleyball, reading and creating our own beach poems, making our own sunglasses and visors, and creating flower necklaces to wear. We enjoyed meeting the Queen Emma classes and carrying out the activities with them.  


Under The Sea
In Year one, we designed and created our own printing pictures. First, we drew an ‘Under the Sea’ picture which links to our current topic this half term. We chose 2 or 3 different sea creatures and ensured that we drew them carefully using simple lines. We then drew our design onto polystyrene boards using a felt tip pen. Once we had done this, we used a pencil to etch in the lines. We made sure that we pressed down fairly hard in order for the lines to be deep enough. The next step was putting paint onto the boards. We used a roller and printing ink to evenly spread the paint on the polystyrene. Then, we pressed our boards onto paper to create the print. We really enjoyed doing this! 


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