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On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 2, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 2 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 2 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children's work.

Ms Clifford & Miss Papworth

Topic Overviews



Spring Term

2.2 have been working very hard on their sewing technique this half term. First, they designed their butterflies to be symmetrical, then they stuck detailing onto butterfly-shaped felt to make their designs. Some of the class had to come up with a different plan as they didn’t have exactly what they wanted for their designs – it was great when they came out better! We sewed the back and front together using an over-stitch technique and then we stuffed our butterflies to make them 3D. We finally finished our butterflies this week and they all look fantastic on display!


Great Fire of London Art
In 2.1 we have really enjoyed looking at artwork based on The Great Fire of London this term. We thought a great deal about the artists, the contrasting colours they selected as well as how they created tints and shades. We sketched from our imaginations and mixed colours effectively. We brought all these skills together to create our own final Fire of London pictures.
We love Art in Year 2!


Shackleton Freeze Frames
This week, Year 2 have begun learning about Ernest Shackleton’s escapade across Antarctica. To get to know the story and begin to understand the journey they went on, the children acted out and froze in different scenarios that Ernest and his 27 crew members would have encountered. These scenarios were:

~ packing their bags before leaving

~ getting ready to board ‘Endurance’

~ boarding the boat for the first time

~ waving goodbye to loved ones

~ getting stuck in the floe ice

~ running low on food supplies

~ setting up tents

~ eating a meal

Can you guess which freeze frames match which scenario?


Imagining the Great Fire
Perfectly linked with this half-term’s topic, Fire and Ice, year 2 had the opportunity to explore and discuss a range of art work depicting the great fire. After discussing why many pictures were painted after the event using the imagination of those who experienced it, the children listened to four different descriptions of scenes of the fire and had to draw these scenes. They were encouraged to close their eyes and listen to the descriptions first and then the descriptions were re-read a number of times whilst they drew them. They had a maximum of 8 minutes to complete each pictures so they were quick sketches! Can you guess what the descriptions might have been for each of the four sketches?

Autumn Term  

Christmas Performance
The KS1 children had a great time performing ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ to the rest of the school and parents.  They worked very hard to learn their lines, songs and dances and gave a wonderful performance.  It was enjoyed by all who came to see it! 



Design and Technology
During our Design and Technology lessons this term, we have been designing and making Lauren Child inspired fairy tale rooms.
We have really enjoyed her collage technique and also used fabrics, photographs, drawings and other materials in our work.
For homework, we also made a piece of furniture to add to our rooms. Thanks grownups for helping!



Here are some pictures from this week’s RE lesson where year 2 made the traditional Jewish delicacy, latkes, eaten during Hanukah celebrations.
They weighed the ingredients, shaped the latkes and Mrs Blower did the frying before everyone had the opportunity to try their tasty treats!


Carousels – Market Research
Year 6 met with Year 2 pupils this week in a bid to research what fairy-tales would make a good theme for their fairground ride. Each Year 6 child asked their Year 2 counterpart a series of questions linked to design (colour and material preferences) or fairy tales (favourite character, worst villain). Year 6 then formed groups to discuss their findings before making some compromises due to individual preferences but their carousel group have now decided upon an themed aesthetic for their rides.


This half term in Year 2 our Science Topic is Materials. So, not only have we been naming lots of different materials, but we have also been describing their uses, sorting them and investigating their properties. We’ve also been learning lots of new words like translucent and absorbent and found out that some materials are natural, while others are manufactured. Later this half term we’ll also plan a fair test to compare some different materials. What fun!


Year 2 had a great day baking bread as part of their High Street topic. Before making the bread ourselves, we watched a video about how bread is made. We then thought about our ingredients and made a decision as a group about what we would add to our ‘honey dough’ to make it extra special.
On the day, we worked as a team, following the recipe, to weigh and measure the right amount of the different ingredients. We then sent our bread to the kitchen to ‘prove’ – ask us what that means and we should be able to tell you! The kitchen then baked our bread ready for it to be sliced up and tasted by us and our parents – the tasting was the year 2 teacher’s favourite bit!
If you would like to try baking our honey bread at home, please click here for the recipe and method – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


We have started our first topic in Y2 – “The High Street.”
We have enjoyed finding out about a florist shop and used our senses to think about lots of exciting vocabulary. We had bunches of flowers all around the class so we looked, touched, smelled and described lots of different flowers. We created lists of adjectives and then wrote sentences about this super shop. In Art, we also started a still life project and found out how to sketch our flowers and plants carefully. This also fits in with our Science topic as we’re going to find out all about how plants grow this half term. Later this term we’ll also be making bread during Baker Shop week and we’ll write a newspaper story when we look at the Newsagent. What fun!




KS1 Sports Day
The Children thoroughly enjoyed their sports day. Everyone ran, jumped and balanced really well. 


Duxford Air Museum
Year 2 had a great trip to Duxford. We saw different models of Spitfire and discussed the design ideas. We also found out a little more about The Battle of Britain. We loved the Blackbird and found out why this plane was famous - what an incredible shape too! We went on board the Concorde and enjoyed finding out about the test flights from the member of staff - we even discovered that he went to Queen Edith when he was a boy! Of course the interactive flying area was great fun, but we did see how hard it would be to fly a plane. There was also some very old film of the Wright Brothers and their early gliders and aircraft. The lunch was great and our journey back on a double decker bus was totally exciting!

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