Learning in Year 2


Year 2 really enjoyed visiting Duxford. We saw the Blackbird, went inside the “test” Concorde and saw aircraft that reminded us of the planes designed by the Wright Brothers. We also spotted various Spitfires and noticed how the design changed over time. We were lucky enough to see the Spitfire fly too. We were amazed to see the speed and manoeuvrability of this famous plane as it did a loop the loop right above us – it was noisy too! We loved sketching the planes and tried hard to capture the different wing shapes.

Year 2 Choir
The Year 2 choir held a wonderful concert for parents.

Teddy Bear Hospital
As part of our “Body Topic” we visited the teddy bear hospital in Addenbrooke’s. We learned about how to call 999, thought about the sorts of treatments on offer in hospital, including X-rays and operations. We treated our teddies, took their temperatures, listened to their hearts and even put plaster casts on them! We also thought about how to keep fit and healthy ourselves.

Healthy Sandwiches
In our DT /Science topic, Y2 children have been learning about how to stay fit and healthy. They found out about the different food groups and then put their skills and knowledge to the test and designed their own “healthy” sandwiches. Many children were very brave and tried some fillings they had never tried before! The children evaluated their sandwiches after making and tasting. They were delighted with the results, but some found out that chorizo can be a bit too spicy!

In our DT /Fairy Tale topic, Y2 children have been inspired by Lauren Child and planned, designed and created their own fairy tale rooms. They had so much fun with this collage style and combined different media with spectacular results. Well done to this creative year group!

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