Learning in Year 2


Minibeast Hunt
2.1 have been on a habitat and minibeast hunt on the field and wildlife area as part of our "Nature Detective" topic this half term.
We really enjoyed finding some newts under a damp log and used magnifying glasses to get a close up look. We also noticed ants and beetles living under rocks. Three spiders were spotted on the bark of some trees and when we looked carefully we saw their webs. There were also flies and ladybirds galore, not to mention a dead bee, which did worry us for a bit!



Year 2 Writing Club
This term the Y2 Writing Club has had a lot of fun exploring different genres. They have written original fairy tales  with exciting openers, descriptive non-fiction where they developed a sense of detail and are now turning their hand to poetry. They have been honing their editing skills and are constantly challenging themselves to think of exciting vocabulary. Ms. Clifford says "well done and congratulations on your persistence, creativity and hard work."
Read The Red Alarm here 

2.1 made potato latkes as part of their Judaism topic. Jewish people make them during the festival of Hanukkah! The frying element reminds them of the miracle of the oil in the Hanukkah story.


As part of our High Street Topic we acted out being in a Library.




We made numbers in different ways.

Maths Balancing
We used balancing to show that the equals sign means the same as.
Look at our sketches! We looked carefully at the shape of the leaves and used shading to show light and dark tones.

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