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On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 3, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 3 Staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 3 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children's work.

We are on duty on the Key Stage 2 playground after school on Monday. Do catch us if you would like a quick chat, or, if you want to talk in more depth, you can also arrange an appointment by sending in a note, or contacting the school office.

Miss Cooper and Miss White

Topic Overview

What's been happening recently 


We had a wonderful day exploring further our topics of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. We tried dancing, some of the delicious food from these countries and of course we had amazing outfits! Thankyou to all the parent helpers who helped make this such an enjoyable day.

Christmas Concert
This year, our KS2 Christmas Concert was titled ‘Christmas Times’. This history themed production showed our audience how Christmas has been celebrated over different times. In both Monday and Tuesday’s performance, we found out about the first Nativity from the hilarious (and very cute) Year 3s as well as the introduction of the Christmas tree from a particularly knowledgeable Year 4 cast. Next, Year 5 told the story of the Christmas Day truce in World War I and Year 6 finished by looking to the future as they imagined what Christmas may be like a hundred years from now. It was a hugely enjoyable performance on both nights and both casts performed to their best ability – what a wonderful way to start our holiday celebrations! 


Middle Years Cross Country
Everyone from Years 3 and 4 walked over to Queen Emma school to take part in a cross country run around their field. We ran with the Queen Emma children, collecting a rubber band for our wrist after every lap. Lots of children ran more than a mile without stopping!




Light and Dark
Year 3 are learning about light and dark in Science this half-term. We’ve found out that shadows are created when an object blocks the light coming from a light source, such as the sun. However we noticed that our shadows kept changing and so we thought about how we could investigate this. We decided to go outside lots of times during a (mostly!) sunny day and drew around the outline of our shadows before measuring them carefully. We also discovered that we could use the compass on the playground to keep track of the different directions which our shadows faced. Our observations helped us to spot patterns; we learnt that your shadow is shortest in the middle of the day when the sun is very high in the sky.


Ancient Greece
This week, Year 3 travelled back in time to spend the day in Ancient Greece! Dressed in our fabulous Greek outfits, we worked hard to make wax tablets, clay charm bracelets, herbal medicines and mosaics (with the kind help of our parent master-craftspeople!). In the afternoon, we celebrated the feast of Dionysus. We rehearsed plays, poems and dances, then performed for each other as well as enjoying some tasty Greek food!


In indoor PE this term, Year 3 are doing gymnastics. We’ve created sequences using curled and stretched shapes. Working with partners was more challenging because we had to focus really hard in order to mirror or repeat our partner’s actions. After practising our sequences, we watched each other perform and gave feedback so that we could improve our sequences.


In computing this half term, we are practising our typing skills. Using our new online platform, Purple Mash, we now know the home key positions for our fingers and are beginning to learn where the rest of letters are. We are challenging ourselves to use the correct finger for each key and are looking forward to becoming speedy and accurate typers! 


We’ve enjoyed getting stuck into maths in Year 3. We know that understanding place value is really important to help us use numbers correctly in calculations so we spent some time thinking about the value of each digit in a number. We used lots of different resources to ‘build’ different numbers and explained our reasoning about what the numbers in each column meant, thinking carefully about our hundreds, tens and units. We had to be especially careful when a number included a placeholder (a zero)!





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