Learning in Year 4



Magic Boxes
In class today, Kyle was defying gravity with his amazing magic boxes! Why do you think they don’t crash to the floor? It took a lot of patience and balancing skill to create these brilliant illusions.



First Aid Training
Year 4 had a great opportunity to learn something this term that could potentially save someone’s life. Dan from St John Ambulance trained us how to do an initial check, how to put a patient in the recovery position, and how to perform CPR. The sessions were very enjoyable with the chance to practise on each other and the CPR dummies!


As our Middle Years production get closer and closer, we have been busy with rehearsals. All of the children are feeling really proud of themselves as they have learnt their lines and no longer need a script on stage. We are working on perfecting expression, as well as choreographing dance routines to the catchy songs! Everyone is excited for the performances on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th March.

St Faith’s Maths Challenge

Four children from Year 4 represented Queen Edith at an exciting maths challenge held at St Faith’s school. Along with over a hundred other children from Cambridgeshire schools, they enjoyed trying to solve a wide range of maths problems while Year 7 pupils from St Faith’s acted as markers. Finally, a tasty tea with squash, sandwiches, cakes and cookies rounded off an excellent afternoon!

Year 4 have really enjoyed the opportunity to have Bikeability training this week. The instructors checked their bikes and then led the children in various cycling activities on the playground. As you can see from the photos, the weather was amazing!


In Year 4, we drew some apps that we use or know about. We talked with our partners about whether you can have “friends” in the apps, or if you could see messages from other people.  Then we talked about ways we keep safe when using those apps. These included making sure our parents knew about what we were doing; only making friends with actual friends and family; ignoring comments from strangers; and telling an adult we trust if something goes wrong.


Winter Vegetable Soup
Year 4 have completed our DT project on Winter Vegetable Soup by preparing, cooking and eating the soup! We used some potatoes from our garden as part of the recipe – we planted them when we were in Year 3. As part of our project we also talked about healthy eating and the advantages of using locally grown food. The soup was delicious!


Year 4 Art Afternoon
Year 4 ended our art project inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s work with an afternoon of natural Art with our parents, family and friends. Together with our visitors, we created leaf sculptures, pencil sketches and pastel drawings. We have made a special art project book to celebrate our work.

Mathematical thinking
In Maths, we tackled a problem from the nrich maths website (nrich.maths.org). We had cards with numbers 1 to 15 printed on them. We then had to lay 7 of them in a row, with rules about their sums, like “The numbers on the first two cards add to 15”. As you can see from our faces, it certainly stretched our maths brains, but we got there in the end, trying different ideas and find all the solutions.


Author Visit
Years 3 and 4 were delighted to meet author Gillian Overitt in a special assembly. Gillian read a chapter from Max’s Magical Dream and talked about how she planned the characters for her books. The children asked lots of interesting questions about how, when and where Gillian wrote her books, as well as the illustrations and how a book is put together when it is published.


Beware Beware
The book “Beware Beware” tells of a girl exploring a spooky forest. To help us imagine the girl’s feelings, we acted out part of the story, where she walks between the trees.


As part of our Explorers topic, we tried to sort some maps of the world into chronological order – oldest first.



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