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On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 5, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 5 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 5 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children's work.

We are on duty on the Key Stage 2 playground after school on Wednesdays. Do catch us if you would like a quick chat, or, if you want to talk in more depth, you can also arrange an appointment by sending in a note, or contacting the school office.

Miss Herbert and Mr Alexander

Topic Overviews


Science: Forces
Year 5 have begun their forces work by investigating both friction and water resistance in one week!

Ravi said “The balloon investigation helped us see how much friction each string caused.”

Christina explained “Our investigation was not fair because we didn’t get to test two strings. But it was fair because we kept the length of the string, and lots of other variables, the same.”

Kyle described how the paper boats helped us to investigate water resistance: “it showed us which shape of boat had more water resistance and which had less.”

Sam decided “Ben’s boat was best because it had a bladed hull so it cut through the water.”

How could you investigate another force, like gravity?

Year 5 Activities Week May 2017
Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed Activities Week. They took part in a week of cross curricular activities, which has promoted their team-working, communication and problem solving skills. Some of the activities included: Paralympics games, archery, drama, STOMP workshop, swimming, fire lighting, sushi making and foot golf. Here are a few photos of our best moments!

“Something that made me smile today was Archery” – Jasmine

“My sporting achievement of the day was when I played blindfold football. I really enjoyed it because Jenny and I scored two goals. Also, my team won so I was really happy.” – Zoey

“John Willis inspired me today because he made me realise that anybody can do anything, you shouldn’t judge people by how they look and don’t be mean to people who are different.” – Kyle


Paired Reading
Year 5 and Year 2 have been enjoying lots of paired reading time recently. It’s wonderful to see new friendships blossoming!


Investigating why we have day and night
Year 5 really enjoyed using different objects to model the orbits of the Earth, Sun and Moon. They made enquiries into all sorts of questions, like why do we have day and night? Why is it daytime here but nighttime in Australia? What do we really mean when we say the sun is rising and setting? Finally, they gave fantastic presentations explaining their findings. 

Louis “If we didn’t have time zones around the world, it would be the same time everywhere even at night!”

Isobel “What we mean when we say the sun is rising and setting is that the earth spins and the sun stays.”

Science Day
Year 5 had a fabulous time on Science Day! From discovering the lify cycle of a zebra fish to extracting the DNA from a banana, the day was a complete blast! We would like to take this opportunity ti say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful parents who spent time inspiring our young learners.


Bake Sale
As the grand finale to our mini-enterprise topic, Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic bake sale last Wednesday. They created fantastic presentations to display all of their work throughout the topic and then sold their creations. They welcomed their parents in and did a fantastic sales effort: raising a whopping £90 for our school charity, Addenbrookes!
Well done Year 5 and thank you to all parents for your support.


Biscuit making
After deciding on their final designs, the children were very excited to create their final product. Excellent team working skills were in evidence, as groups worked together to bake, decorate and produce excellent product presentations.


Prototype testing
After taste-testing a number of shop-bought biscuits and carrying out some market research into what is already available, Year 5 have developed their own ideas for new biscuits, which they hope will take the snacking world by storm! To test out their ideas, they invited their willing victims parents in, to taste and evaluate their prototypes. They will then use their feedback to inform the design of their final product.


World Book Day
Year 5 really enjoyed World Book Day 2017! They excitedly took part in the sponsored silent read and were very proud that every single child managed to read in silence for a full 90 minutes! In maths they explored the average sentence and word lengths of a few of their favourite books.


Later Years E-Safety Parent Guide
Following our successful E-Safety session with ‘the 2 Johns’ and Safer Internet Day (14.2.17), we have written a guide for parents who are unsure about apps and the internet.  Please do read through this with your children. Please click here to see the guide.

Africa Day
As part of our Arriving in Africa topic, today Year 5 have had Africa Day! We first enjoyed an excellent introduction talk about what life is like in the Maasai Mara from Ben’s mum, who spent several years living in Africa. She bought in lots of fascinating artefacts and taught us lots of interesting and gruesome facts!

“I learnt that people who live in the Maasai Mara live in small troupes (around 10 families). The people there have very long hair if men and very short hair for women. They are famous for how well they know the land.” – Zoey

“I learnt that in the Maasai Mara they mix blood with milk and the people are very tall. They also don’t like sweets or chocolate!” – Shane

We also continued work on our safari animal mask projects, enjoyed reading and acting out a traditional Kenyan tale and practised a Maasai jumping dance! We hope you enjoy the photos and videos of our experiences!

Year 5 Africa

Year 5 Africa2







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