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On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 5, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 5 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 5 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children's work.

We are on duty on the Key Stage 2 playground after school on Wednesdays. Do catch us if you would like a quick chat, or, if you want to talk in more depth, you can also arrange an appointment by sending in a note, or contacting the school office.

Miss Herbert and Mr Alexander

Topic Overviews


Space Academy
The children are getting really into this half term’s topic, Space Academy. As a Friday treat, Year Five tested out a water rocket, with some successes and some failures!

Water Rockets 2018


February – Safer Internet Day   
Tuesday 6th Feb was Safer Internet day, so Later Years pupils joined together for an interactive assembly about internet safety.  We talked about some particular apps and sites, our personal information, images and who we could talk to if we were concerned.
We have written a guide for parents who are unsure about apps and the internet.  Please do read through this with your children. Click here to view the guide.


Shepreth Wildife Park Visit
The Year 5 visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park was a great success! We held and stroked cockroaches, stick insects, snakes and fluffy rabbits.  The children’s behaviour was on top form as they searched for porcupines, red pandas, alligators and all sorts of other animals around the park. They braved a bat cave, got briefly caught in torrential rain, and asked some fantastic questions to a zoo keeper who talked to us about the rescued tiger she was feeding.


My Favourite Book’ Presentations
Thank you to all grown-ups and older siblings at home who helped the children produce some absolutely stunning presentations about their favourite books. We had a lovely time this afternoon finding out about everyone’s recommendations!


African Animal Masks
Here is a picture of some of the masks we’ve been making in D&T this term. The children’s perseverance was fantastic as they overcame the sticky, fiddly challenge of papier maché!


Egyptian Scouts
Thank you to Layan (11), Zein (8) and Hassan (10), and their scout leader Abdo for chatting to 5.1 about their life in Cairo, and asking us questions about our life in Cambridge. We’re hoping to have another video call next week!



African Drumming
Year five have been learning African Drumming, and each week we put the techniques and rhythms we learn together to form an ensemble. Here, 5.1 form an ensemble of three groups playing different rhythms over the same 8 counts.

African Drumming Yr5

Christmas Concert
This year, our KS2 Christmas Concert was titled ‘Christmas Times’. This history themed production showed our audience how Christmas has been celebrated over different times. In both Monday and Tuesday’s performance, we found out about the first Nativity from the hilarious (and very cute) Year 3s as well as the introduction of the Christmas tree from a particularly knowledgeable Year 4 cast. Next, Year 5 told the story of the Christmas Day truce in World War I and Year 6 finished by looking to the future as they imagined what Christmas may be like a hundred years from now. It was a hugely enjoyable performance on both nights and both casts performed to their best ability – what a wonderful way to start our holiday celebrations! 

Thank you to everyone who managed to come to our Class Assembly! We had a great time rehearsing and performing.
Now onto our new topic: Mountains and Rivers! In Art, we have started looking at using different media to illustrate mountains.


Ancient Egypt Day
Year Five were buzzing on Tuesday as Ancient Egypt Day 2017 kicked off. Perfectly-winged eyeliner and extravagant headdresses were worn by many – the effort put in by the parents and children really added to the atmosphere. Activities on offer included baking (and tasting) Egyptian snacks, a pyramid building contest, painting hieroglyphics, and weaving papyrus. To end the day, the children prepared and hosted their very own Ancient Egyptian Museum to present the Egyptian Artefacts they had carefully replicated as homework projects. The topic has been a great success and we thank everyone for all their hard work and enthusiasm.


In topic this week, we reenacted the process of mummification, which involves several steps of washing and drying the body, removing the organs to put into canopic jars, stuffing and wrapping with linen and finally decorating with amulets and a death mask.


In maths, we have been mastering addition and subtraction by finding as many different ways as possible to represent problems.




Author Visit
Years 4, 5 and 6 were delighted to meet authors Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler who came to school to talk about their new book series ‘Defender of the Realm’,  a fantasy adventure books series for 8-12 year olds . Both guests are Emmy award winning scriptwriters of top children’s shows such as Danger Mouse, Thunderbirds Are Go, Peter Rabbit, The Octonauts, Shaun the Sheep and more.
The writers discussed their career as scriptwriters for television and revealed their writing processes.  We were even taught some Norse, a language used by the Vikings, which features  in the book. Afterwards, the children asked thoughtful questions which helped them to gain an insight into an author’s life.




Science: Forces
Year 5 have begun their forces work by investigating both friction and water resistance in one week!

Ravi said “The balloon investigation helped us see how much friction each string caused.”

Christina explained “Our investigation was not fair because we didn’t get to test two strings. But it was fair because we kept the length of the string, and lots of other variables, the same.”

Kyle described how the paper boats helped us to investigate water resistance: “it showed us which shape of boat had more water resistance and which had less.”

Sam decided “Ben’s boat was best because it had a bladed hull so it cut through the water.”

How could you investigate another force, like gravity?

Year 5 Activities Week May 2017
Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed Activities Week. They took part in a week of cross curricular activities, which has promoted their team-working, communication and problem solving skills. Some of the activities included: Paralympics games, archery, drama, STOMP workshop, swimming, fire lighting, sushi making and foot golf. Here are a few photos of our best moments!

“Something that made me smile today was Archery” – Jasmine

“My sporting achievement of the day was when I played blindfold football. I really enjoyed it because Jenny and I scored two goals. Also, my team won so I was really happy.” – Zoey

“John Willis inspired me today because he made me realise that anybody can do anything, you shouldn’t judge people by how they look and don’t be mean to people who are different.” – Kyle


Paired Reading
Year 5 and Year 2 have been enjoying lots of paired reading time recently. It’s wonderful to see new friendships blossoming!


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