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On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 6, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 6 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 6 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children's work. 

We are on duty on the Key Stage 2 playground after school on Fridays. Do catch us if you would like a quick chat, or, if you want to talk in more depth, you can also arrange an appointment by sending in a note, or contacting the school office.

Miss Thurston and Miss McIlveen

Topic overviews

2016 - 17

First Aid
In the last few weeks of term, all 3 Year 6 classes have had a whole day’s training in First Aid. We believe that this is hugely important in equipping them with the confidence and skills to help those who need it as well as the potential to save a life – a very powerful skill to learn before they leave us!  The children all enjoyed the day; learning about a broad range of topics such as asthma, allergic reactions, burns and scalds, seizures, low blood sugar, head injuries and severe bleeding. They also practised how to put on bandages, put someone in the recovery position, and discussed how to treat for shock. It was a very worthwhile day for them.


Mystery at Magpie Manor
Later Years wowed audiences with the production ‘Magpie Manor’, a whodunit set in the 1920’s. Lord and Lady Pica have an auction and ball in order to raise money for the run-down manor. Whilst everyone is preparing for the ball, the famous ‘Pica-pica solid silver pitcher with a magpie picture’ went missing. With help from Agatha Christie, they solved the mystery and had a great song and dance to celebrate.


Grafham Water
Year 6 ventured to Grafham Water for an exciting 3-day residential trip. Here, they got to try a huge range of adventure activities which included: raft building, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, climbing, high ropes, archery, and learning survival skills to name a few. Year 6 were extremely courageous as they thoroughly enjoyed trying new activities and staying away from home for 2 nights. 

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Year 6 were invited to join members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at The Netherhall School to compose music alongside Year 10. Year 6 experienced how melodies were created by single instruments and how other instruments in the orchestra were gradually layered on top to create a piece of music. The children composed harmonies with their voices and played their bodies as percussion to add to the pieces that were created. Year 6 were then invited to perform their composed music with the full Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Corn Exchange on Saturday 17th June, which they all thought was an amazing experience.

The 4 Noble Truths
Year 6 wrote poems this week, linked to the Buddhist idea of 4 noble truths.  We learned that they are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering. Therefore, when we wrote our poems we tried to focus on turning greed to generosity, hatred to compassion and ignorance to wisdom.  We included interesting examples of how this could be achieved in our lives.


How to Live Forever
6.2 had an interesting afternoon discussing the book ‘How to Live Forever’.  It’s the story of a missing book, an ‘Ancient Child’ who holds the secret of everlasting life and a library that comes to life at night. We discussed its relationship to our current topic of Buddhism and enlightenment.  Then we debated reasons for and against living forever before all pupils wrote a diary entry imagining that they were in the same situation as Peter, the main character. Here are some of our diary entries.


Our plant survey
In Science, we have been learning about the habitats of various plants.  We looked around school at the different areas and what grew there, for example both in and out of shade as well as in different soils. Some plants we had to really search for!


The Story of Siddhartha
In Buddhism topic lessons we have been learning about the ‘Story of Siddhartha’, which begins with the Prince of Nepal.  We watched a video and read a story and discussed the discrepancies in these tales and why this might be.  We found out that Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world with over 369 million followers across the globe.  See below for our storyboards retelling what we have learned.


Maths Challenge
Four children from Year 6 visited St Faiths School for the annual Year 6 Maths Challenge. They competed in pairs against 120 children from a range of Cambridgeshire schools in three themed rounds. It was a hive of activity, with the children having to sprint up to the ‘official markers’ at the front of the hall, to get each individual question marked before attempting the next. The children did exceptionally well and should be really pleased with Queen Edith’s overall performance as we placed 15th out of 33. Some of the Queen Edith team took this a step further and placed 1st in their group, winning themselves a book too!



Following excellent attendance, 6.3 had the privilege of Snowy’s company.
Snowy was fortunate enough to experience the SATS and even attempted a few maths questions himself!Snowy also loved the competition filled afternoons of House and Class Dodgeball and enjoyed a peaceful Wednesday afternoon of Art; drawing scenic pictures of their dragon creations!
It was a hectic and challenging week but Snowy really pulled through; he and the children did themselves proud!




Fairtrade Cafe
On Friday 24th March Year 6 hosted their Fairtrade Café to a very enthusiastic and hungry Year 5!
The children enjoyed preparing pitches, posters, leaflets and jingles to impress their guests and persuade them to vote for their product.
Year 5 voted using stars and wrote comments with their opinions about the products.
It was a lively afternoon and fantastic to see the children work so well together to create their amazing bakes, fruit kebabs, banana splits and more! 




Later Years E-Safety Parent Guide
Following our successful E-Safety session with ‘the 2 Johns’ and Safer Internet Day (14.2.17), we have written a guide for parents who are unsure about apps and the internet.  Please do read through this with your children. Please click here to see the guide.


Artwork inspired by Escher
In preparation for our final art piece looking at buildings, pupils from 6.2 spent time outside on a glorious sunny afternoon, sketching their surroundings.  We were focussing particularly on: sketching lightly using small strokes, neat shading and a B pencil; ensuring that our work looked 3D; perspective, picking the perfect spot from which to see lines more easily. We have enjoyed looking at Escher’s work, especially figuring out the optical illusions!




Choose Your Own Adventure afternoon
On Wednesday 8th February, Year 6 enjoyed performing a mixture of their narrative adventure writing as well as a Survival dance from PE lessons.  We also included some incidental music and accompanied the dance. Parents and our Year 3 buddies were invited to watch our performance.  All our hard work came together in a wonderful celebration of our new genre writing, extra-curricular music, drama and dance.



Cambridge Trip
On Tuesday 24th January, Year 6 visited St Catharine’s College on Trumpington Street to learn a little more about the history of Cambridge University (our topic this half term). We enjoyed debating in one of the lecture theatres, a treasure hunt around the college as well as having a special lunch in the Dining Hall!
Year 6 also loved visiting the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, where we learnt about archaeological discoveries in Cambridgeshire.  We looked at and even handled some artefacts which dated back to the Ice Age! These included a mammoth’s tooth, a medieval wooden comb, Stone Age string made from animal guts (yes, really!) and Roman brooches. We had to be excellent historians in order to work out which period the artefacts came from.
Some of us also had the opportunity to visit and tour Corpus Christi College which was different to St Cat’s but equally interesting! We saw the building where Crick and Watson made their DNA discovery, a dining hall that looked straight from Hogwarts and our visit even included the famous Corpus clock.
All in all, we had wonderfully informative day where the children were able to experience and see first-hand a magnificent part of our city.




The highly talented singers and musicians of Operatastic visited Queen Edith for an assembly recently to introduce Key Stage 2 pupils to the world of opera and share with us their passion for it. Their entertaining, interactive performance involved much audience participation – even some members of staff!



Year 6 House Tournament Day
Year 6 celebrated the almost end of term with a challenging House Tournament Day where we participated in a range of activities to earn points for our House teams.  We had a Bench ball tournament, a reading session, a music quiz, korfball coaching, logic games and a literature quiz!  All houses participated well and earned extra points for teamwork, cooperation, enthusiasm and consideration for others.  The lead changed after almost every session but at the end of the day Griffin house were victorious.



Who do people say that I am?
In RE this half term Year 6 have been investigating who people say that Jesus is, including viewpoints from our peers, the disciples, Christians, other faiths and gospel writers.  We have looked at information from various sources and looked at particular verses from the Bible to investigate if everyone’s opinions are the same and to see what we can actually work out for ourselves. 
In one session we had some really interesting discussion about how each person might picture Jesus. We looked at various pieces of artwork depicting Jesus and asked what these tell us about how the artists viewed him? Even though the artists drew him to look like them, they didn’t know what he looked like. In fact, we learned that the Bible never describes his physical appearance.



Year 6 Pantomine Trip
On Tuesday 6th December, Year 6 enjoyed a trip to The Junction to see a performance of Beauty and the Beast. We had a wonderful time and were very impressed with the set, props and loved it when the Beast jumped up on the table and began telling some pretty awful jokes! In Literacy this week we have written our own reviews of the Pantomime.  Here are a few for you to read.



As a joint DT and Science project linked to our current topic of Fairgrounds and Fairytales, Year 6 have spent a few afternoons now creating their very own motorised carousels! Firstly we had time with Year 2 to carry out a questionnaire and ask them what they liked about fairytales. Since then, we have constructed internal mechanisms using a combination of axles, pulleys and cogs, as well as using a battery powered circuit with a motor.  We all collected shoeboxes which we have used as our base and will decorate them with a theme linked to Fairytales!













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